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#DONTHOLDBACK – For the individual who knows that success is defined differently for everyone. Who purses their passion, whatever that may be. Presenting Soo Yeon Lee in the sixth installment of Joe’s #DontHoldBack video series designed to communicate the powerful message of inspiring women. Soo Yeon Lee is a champion on her own terms. After being the National Korean Junior Champion six times in a row (yes. Six.), she made the decision to come to America, alone and unsure, to study and pursue a new direction. But in 2007, she returned to her passion, surprising herself more than anyone else, and won the US Open.

Soo Yeon Lee quote: “I Took A Second Chance.”

Director: Patrick Hoelck,

Art Director: Marie Noorbergen,

Production Company: JOE’S® #DONTHOLDBACK 2015

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    Joes Jeans

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